Brioche Donuts

*The shopping list:
° 275 g of flour,
° 20 g of sugar,
° 2 g of salt,
° 5 g of fresh baker’s yeast,
° 70 g of egg yolks,
° 13 cl of whole milk,
° 40 g of butter.
*The list of utensils:
° 1 salad bowl,
° 1 fryer or 1 saucepan with frying oil.
For the occasion, I offer you authentic, traditional and real donuts. When you are told donuts, it is inevitably these that you think of, both in terms of shape and taste.
This recipe is truly perfect since Christophe Felder’s donuts are light (as much as possible with donuts) and soft. Personally, they remind me of the mascots, those big donuts sold on the beach. When we were younger, with my sister, it was a real institution when we went swimming. There was no snack without a Nutella/strawberry/apricot/applesauce mascot. You will have understood it, with these donuts from Christophe Felder, you are sure to hit the mark! Whether you eat them plain or filled, they are absolutely perfect.
As for the old-fashioned gingerbread, this recipe is taken from the sublime book “Cakes”…
Enjoy !