Southern caramel cake

°1 cup of butter.
°2 cups of sugar.
°4 eggs.
°3 cups self-rising flour.
°1 cup buttermilk.
°2 teaspoons of vanilla. Southern Caramel Glaze recipe
* Directions :
In a bowl, cream the margarine and incorporate the sugar and beat for about 8 minutes.
Incorporate the eggs each in turn then, at this point, add the flour and again with the buttermilk.
 Add vanilla and beat until well blended.
Provide 3 9-inch cake pans and pour the batter evenly into the dish.
In a pan preheated to 350° prepare for 25 to 30 minutes.
Move the cakes to cooling racks.
Make the Southern Caramel Frosting as directed by the package directions, then at this point frost the cakes each time they are cooled.
Enjoy !