Travolta Shows Off Grease Dance Moves For The First Time In 40 Years And It Does Not Disappoint

The eighties were wonderful years to be alive in America. It was an era of pure fun as music and dance dominated every occasion. There was a blend of cultures that produced the most exciting practices. New trends in both dressing and music popped up and stuck around for quite sometime before the new century came in and brought with it what is now referred to as the modern era.

The film industry did not get left behind, and there was no shortage of soap operas, movies, and musicals to go with the new explosion of culture. One such musical that will not be forgotten any time soon is Grease.

If you watched Grease, then you remember Danny Zuko, the greaser who was every girl’s fantasy. The handsome young man fell in love with Sandy, an Australian transfer student before the end of summer. When the school year began, Sandy had to go back to Australia and Danny went back to school as a senior, rejoining his old friends who were popularly known as the T-birds.

Fortunately, Sandy’s parents had a change of mind, and Sandy started going to Danny’s school, where they met again. With the influence from his ‘gang’ of greasers, Danny began to act indifferent which pushed Sandy away for a while. Danny and Sandy still had feelings for each other and eventually rejoined.

This moment is marked by the song You are the one I want which is associated with the four-corner step dance that was immediately incorporated into the American dance culture. Other characters chip in to make the musical interesting, and the end is glamorous with Danny sweeping his lover off into the unknown after a colorful graduation ceremony.

Forty years later, John Travolta, our Danny Zuko, has barely aged. He recently appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show with a stylish haircut and crisp suit that once again, stole the ladies’ hearts away. Four decades later and John is still a darling in the eyes of American women.

The musical is still fresh in the memories of many people, probably because of all the dancing and singing. It also closely reflected on the typical life of the teenagers at that time, and many could identify with the characters in the set.

Even compared to today’s teenage life, there is still much to relate with; every school has that ambitious cheerleader with her group of like-minded girls, the group of boys that seem to have the coolest and most handsome individuals and that one couple that everybody knows about.

John remembered the old days with Jimmy Fallon, reliving the memories of when he was a sensation in the film industry. The host could not wait to see the dance again, performed by Danny Zuko himself. They both got to their feet and hips started moving in four directions as John did the famous four corners dance. One can admit that he is still very good at it.

Grease, however, is not the only musical that John has starred in. He was also cast in Saturday Night Fever and Get Shorty which earned him some nominations of various awards. He is going for it and has received the Primetime Emmy Award together with nominations for the Golden Globe and another Emmy.

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