Science Shows Having A Sister Makes You A Better Person

My brother has the best sister in the world. We had our spats during the childhood, but no one could raise a finger against my brother except for me. It took some time for him to accept that but now he has no excuse as Science has finally claimed that having a sister (older or younger) makes your life much more exciting and healthy.

Having a sibling teaches you love, friendship, and companionship from a very early age.

You grow up fighting, understanding and finally accepting the differences and focussing more on the bond that you share with your brother or sister.

This learning comes handy for later in life. The advantage of growing up with a sister is that you’re more likely to express better and communicate your problems well, signifying positive mental health.

As a boy who grew up with a sister, chances are you are already good at communicating with women. You respect them, understand them better than other men and are empathetic.

The motherly instincts of a sister also make her a critical thread of the family that unites everyone together during the tough times.

You will never run out of the unconditional love and compassion an elder sister showers on her siblings.

You share inside jokes, childhood memories and grown-up dreams with your siblings. You have grown through what you have gone through together for years. So whether you have a bad argument and don’t speak to each other for days; the truth is you will always be there for each other.

Are you a sister? Let your siblings know how grateful they should be for having you in their life by showing them this article now! 

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