16 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Pineapples

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10. It Keeps Your Eyes Sharp

Due to its high amount of vitamin A, pineapple is very beneficial for your eyes as well. Combined with other nutrients, vitamin A can slow the progress of macular degeneration.

11. It Eases An Upset Stomach

When it comes to treating heartburn and upset stomach, forget about the conventional medications and try using pineapple instead. This fruit can alleviate the discomfort and ease an upset stomach.

However, consume it in moderation since the excessive consumption of pineapple juice can cause diarrhea and digestive distress in people allergic to the fruit.

12. It Supports Weight Loss

Pineapples are full of fiber, so they have the ability to make you feel full and slow the release of glucose in the blood, thus prevent emotional eating and aid weight loss.


13. It Supports Healing And Reducing Inflammation

To reduce inflammation, you can consume both fresh and frozen pineapples. They can reduce pain and heal an injured tissue. Pineapples are very beneficial for people suffering from inflammatory bowel disease.

14. It Boosts Fertility

Consuming more pineapples can increase your chances of conceiving naturally. Pineapples can reduce inflammation caused by endometriosis and improve uterine lining.

15. It’s A Natural Meat Tenderizer

Pineapples contain bromelain that can separate amino acids to separate peptide bonds which soften tough meats and make them easier to chew. So, you can include pineapples into a few of your meals.

16. It Firms Up Your Skin

Vitamin C is essential for the formation of new skin, ligaments, tendons, and blood vessels. As a great source of vitamin C, pineapples help heal wounds and repair and maintain teeth and bones.

Prepare a firming face mask with yogurt and honey and apply it directly to your skin.

Source: www.thehealthandbeauty365.com

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